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Chick Ashby


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These handy little additives can be used to add scent to dappen dishes, polish remover, wool wash, soap or wax melts.  In dropper bottles so precise fragrant preferences can be obtained use after use. 
Here is the alphabetical list of all scents, as well as the categories they are in.... Sometimes a scent belongs in more than one category, so this will help you find exactly what you're looking for..... 
absinthe drink
agave floral
alps winter
amber floral
amber orchid floral
antique lace floral
apple cider drink
autumn woods fall
baby powder fresh
bacon food
baked sweet potato food
balsam fall
banana nut bread food
banana pudding food
birch fall
black tie sexy
blue sugar sexy
blueberry food
butt naked summer
buttercream food
cabin in the woods fall
café mocha drink
candy cane winter
caramel fall
caramel apple fall
caramel apple butter fall
caramel hazelnut drink
caramel mocha drink
carrot cake food
cash sexy
cedarwood & spice fall
celery fresh
chai tea drink
chance sexy
cherry food
cherry cobbler food
chocolate cake food
chocolate chip cookies food
chocolate cupcake food
christmas day winter
christmas tree winter
christmas wreath winter
clean fresh
clean carpets fresh
cocoa drink
coconut food
copper tone summer
cotton candy food
country chic outdoors
country kitchen summer
cream soda drink
curve sexy
daisy floral
dark roast drink
dill pickle food
dirt outdoors
dogwood floral
dove fresh
downy rose & violet fresh
downy vanilla lavender fresh
dr pepper drink
dragon breath sexy
drakkar noir sexy
dutch apple pie food
elf sweat winter
fall fall
fierce sexy
fireplace winter
flower bomb floral
french vanilla coffee drink
fresh brewed coffee drink
fresh linen fresh
frost winter
frozen pond winter
fruitcake food
gardenia floral
gentle rain outdoors
ginger snap fall
glacier winter
grass outdoors
green clover and aloe floral
hard candy food
honey apple food
honeysuckle floral
hot chocolate drink
hot toddy drink
hyacinth floral
iced tea drink
jasmine floral
juicy fresh
kudzu floral
lager drink
laughter fresh
leather outdoors
leaves fall
lettuce fresh
lick me all over sexy
lilacs floral
lilacs and lemons floral
lily floral
lush - candy fluff lush
lush - honey I washed the kids lush
lush - karma lush
lush - olive branch lush
lush - porridge lush
lush - rockstar lush
lush - snow cake lush
lush - soft coeur massage bar lush
lush - sutana lush
lush - yummy lush
manly sexy
marshmallow food
meadows outdoors
mermaids outdoors
monkey farts outdoors
monster snot fresh
moon flower floral
moon light rose floral
mountains winter
mulled cider drink
new car fresh
newborn fresh
old rose floral
ozone outdoors
peach summer
peanut butter cookie food
pecan pie food
peppermint bark winter
peppermint fluff winter
pineapple summer
pineapple mango salsa summer
pinecone outdoors
pink grapefruit summer
pink sugar sexy
poolside summer
pumpkin butter fall
pumpkin spice fall
reindeer poo winter
roaring fire fall
sage fresh
sea spray outdoors
seaside outdoors
sex on the beach sexy
silk sheets sexy
ski lodge winter
sleigh ride winter
snickerdoodle  fall
snowcone summer
snowman balls winter
so sexy sexy
sour watermelon summer
spark sexy
spice cake fall
spring clean fresh
stormy nights outdoors
sun shine summer
sunflower floral
sweet tea summer
syrup food
tea rose floral
teak outdoors
tiger lily floral
tobacco sexy
tommie sexy
total hotness sexy
tulip floral
turquoise floral
tuscany outdoors
vanilla cupcake food
vetiver floral
walk in the woods fall
wanton sexy
warm brownies food
water outdoors
watermelon jolly rancher summer
watermelon taffy summer
wedding day sexy
weight loss food
white lilac floral
white tea & ginger fresh
wisteria floral
youth sexy