Wool Dryer Balls - 6 pack
Wool Dryer Balls - 6 pack

Wool Dryer Balls - 6 pack

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Laundry Ball - Reusable Natural Organic Laundry Fabric Softener Ball

Premium Organic Wool Dryer Balls

dryer balls shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static;
They help bed sheets stay untangled during the drying process as well as keep pet hair off of clothes;
They will not unravel and will last for years;
Using wool dryer balls saves your dryer from the residue left from liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets;
Lasts for a Thousand-Plus Loads, Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners, Saves Money. (A healthy, petroleum-free alternative to plastic dryer steamer balls).

Material: Wool
Color: White
Diameter: about 2.5 inches

1. Try scenting the dryer balls by placing a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc) on each ball. This will lightly scent your clothes!
2. Make safe and excellent fetch toys! They are great for both indoor and outdoor play as an alternative use.
3. Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do.